The Smurf Experience


239,628 visitors explored the Smurf village at the Brussels Exhibition.

Brussels, 27 January 2019 – Even the best things come to an end! Yes, after 8 months in Belgium, our Smurfs having made the Brussels Exhibition their home for their 60th birthday, are leaving Belgium and flying away on a world tour lasting 10 years! The first stop will be announced in the coming days!

As Belgium enjoyed a particularly sunny summer, the Smurf Experience became a real crowd-pleaser, attracting more than 239,628 visitors from the four corners of Belgium and abroad, who explored the enchanted universe of the Smurfs and experienced a unique, immersive, interactive, fun and educational experience. “We are thrilled by our success in Brussels. This bodes well for attracting large crowds in our next host cities,” said Stephan Uhoda, CEO of Cecoforma, which produces the Smurf Experience.

This Sunday 27th January at around 6.30pm, the doors closed on the Smurf village and the last visitors received nice gift boxes containing soft toys and Smurftastic souvenirs. “Now the great journey of the Smurf Experience begins!” said Stephan Uhoda.

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